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What is happening in Bangladesh in the name of the Election?

15 February 2024

Now, the mockery game is going on in Bangladesh. The ruling party of this country has been playing vote-thieving games one after another, sometimes without voting, sometimes by dark night voting, and sometimes by dummy voting by depriving people of this country of voting rights for the last one and a half decades.

This time, their invention in the election was the so-called independent candidate technique. Using this technique, they heavily failed to show mass participation in competitive elections. In this I and dummy vote election, they decided in advance who would be elected in which seat publicly. Thus, voters had no scope to choose their ruler, which made the election meaningless. In fact, this was the same party election under a different name without the main opposition.

This ruling party said that no vote was cast on a dark night this time. Thus, this party gave the highest level of confession of vote thieving in 2018. However, this time, they completed the thieving task during the day. For example, the Election Commission (EC) announced that 26.37% of votes were cast till 3.00 pm on voting day. Next, after 4.00 pm, the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) first said that 28% of votes were cast. After that, someone beside him promptly said this figure would be 40%. And then, CEC apologized for his mistake that he was sleeping. What a joking excuse!

Finally, EC said that a total of 41.8% of votes were cast, including the last hour's 15.43% votes. Moreover, the abnormal voting rate during the last hour was unbelievable. Thus, there was no similarity between majority voter-less centers and voting rates during the whole voting day. However, this ruling party targeted bringing at least more than 50% of voters, which was their pass mark in opposition-less elections, to show their so-called participating election. But they ultimately failed to achieve that target despite their extensive thieving since people rejected their bluffing dummy election. In fact, at most 10% of votes were cast, which they increased to 40% by huge thieving but failed to achieve the pass mark. If their 40% voting is taken into account, nearly 60% of people rejected this election, which was the most minor voting election among the participating elections in this country ever. In fact, they were defeated by a huge margin in this election. This party had no public support to form the government. However, this shameless party said that a vast number of people elected them by giving a vote.

This ruling party also said most registered parties participated in this election. However, among the 28 participating parties in this main opposition-less election, 23 of them existed merely in name. No candidate from these parties could win the election, and nearly all candidates lost their deposits.

The head of this party said - it is not a matter of which party comes in an election. That does not mean democracy is absent from the country. You should see whether people participate in the election or not. However, the funny matter is that she was caught in her own trap of words when people rejected their voting. People have proved that there is no democracy in this country by rejecting voting.

By keeping elections in front, this ruling party arrested thousands of opposition leaders and activists unjustly in the last few months. Moreover, 13 opposition leaders and activists were killed in the prison during the previous two months. They also punished more than one and a half thousand opposition leaders and activists in different old litigation besides arresting. However, they say there is no political intention behind these litigations and punishments. But extensive arrests and speedy litigations uncover their dishonest intentions. Such as what happened to Dr Yunus? Where the trivial litigation against him got smart speed and judgement was given so quickly. In fact, this party did such a fair election by imprisoning the opposition; now, they suffer from a legality crisis.

This ruling party reached such a humble state that all polling agents were their party persons. Even the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) found no polling agent except the ruling party's agent when he gave a vote. Moreover, they purchased opposition polling agents in the voting center, which was their another novel misdeed. The roles of state machines were also questionable. Besides this, expelling other party's polling agents in different seats, few voter presences, and dummy line creation in the voting center were this election's characteristics. Moreover, their defeated candidates also said that this election was not fair.

This impostor party did more than a hundred conflicts among them in their I and my uncle's election. In those conflicts, four people died, and more than a hundred were injured. However, this is called a bright example of establishing democracy by their leader. Really, Seleucus, what a strange country this is! This country was created for democracy. However, nothing is left of democracy in their greedy hands. In fact, this time's election establishes that they are not a publicly-supported party. They are merely an illegal government.

This party's opposition-less election returns to her father's first national parliament election of 1973, when no opposition party existed. Now, to show their one-party parliament into a multi-party unethically, they built a dummy opposition by their associate party. From the last two parliaments, the parliamentary system was degraded. As a result, the Joker opposition party emerged, which did elections with the ruling party by sharing their parliament seats. Moreover, this joker opposition even joined the cabinet and opposition seats in parliament simultaneously.

The USA and UK said that they would not observe this election. Then, this deceitful party initiatively invited so-called observers from abroad. However, some of them said that mockery was done in the name of the election. They commented that the North Korea-style election was done.

Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) said in their report about this election - the 12th National Parliament election was single-sided and competitive making one. This election was not free and inclusive. This election signalizes an imminent danger for the country's democracy and democratic election's future. However, in reaction, this ruling party said – TIB is an agent of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), the main opposition. If any comment goes against them, then the commenter is an agent to them. Here, the impartial analysis revealed the truth, but they couldn't accept it as they were blamed for such faults. Besides this, international society says that an effective opposition party is required to ensure strengthening and healthy democracy. They express concern for the lack of independent democratic institutions.

Here, the election was held in such an environment where all parties could not participate meaningfully and noticeably. Extensive irregularities happened during and before election day. Even voting results were theft. In essence, international society gave the opinion that this election was not free and fair. In this context, this ruling party says that though the Western world instructs us about democracy, they are also not perfect.

This party also says – the BNP did wrong by not coming to the election. BNP will compensate for that for a long time. However, it is not the BNP; it is they who should compensate because they failed to bring the BNP into the election by not creating a fair election environment. Thus, they should suffer for a long time and a lifetime, which has already started.

This ruling party proved that a fair election was impossible under them by unprecedented thieving in the 2018 election. In fact, the election under the ruling party has been questionable since 1973. Irregularity in voting will continue under such an election. By taking such a dishonest way of voting, this ruling party could prolong its illegal power again and again. Therefore, people did not have the opportunity to elect their government. When politicians have extreme disbelief and distrust, moreover, when the behaviour of the state machine is like the leaders and activists of the ruling party, then it is impossible to do a free and fair election without an impartial election-time government.

The present Election Commission (EC) circles in a thieving circle like their predecessors. However, they came with a pledge to do something special. But barking dogs seldom bite. They did not take any initiative to do participatory elections. They had no program with an election-time government structure. Rather, sometimes, their behaviour was questionable. They could not exploit their power only for a lack of firmness and honest courage. They only said - If a critical situation occurs every five years with an election, then the country's development will be obstructed. For this, political leadership needs to quest for a system with the election. In this context, EC completed their liability only by saying these words without playing the role of referee. However, they had scope to do it.

People rejected voting by ignoring all kinds of greed and forces. An inclusive election is not possible with this thief, traitor-looter government. Election under them has no legality since this government is illegal.

This fraudulent ruling party says that democratic continuity remains in the country for our head of the party. The words are correct, but it is not democratic continuity. It will be thieving continuity. They do not keep trust in people. However, politics is for the country's and the public's well-being. If they even believe this principle a little, they should arrange a participatory election by immediately breaking the so-called parliament and solving political crises within the next 90 days. This government cannot last by doing one-sided and a rigged election. In fact, they cannot survive in such an illegal way. People are looking forward to a new morning by eliminating all adverse factors of democracy.


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Shameless Terrorist Ruling Party

28 December 2022

The naked terrorist face of the ruling party of Bangladesh emerged from the activities of this party surrounding the BNP’s, main opposition, gathering. The head of their party said to their leaders and activists, “break that hand which will come to beat, burn the hand by that fire which will come to burn bus.” What big nonsense terrorist words! How could she tell people to take the law into their hands by being a government head?

As a matter of fact, they have no accountability since they came into power by thieving. So, they can tell such nonsense words. Once, she said to throw the opposition leader by pushing from the Padma bridge to the Padma River since the opposition leader criticized the construction of the Padma bridge. What a sense of a so-called government head! Another leader is instigating terror by saying the game will be played. But it can be the opposite of good since their activists can start playing against their leaders.

This immoral party did crooked works to obstruct the BNP’s gathering. However, on the other hand, they gathered by tempting people with biriani, t-shirts, and money and closing all roads using state power. Then was not this public suffering? And when they gave transport strike to BNP’s gathering to attain their bad objective, was not it also public suffering?

Moreover, surrounding the BNP’s gathering in Dhaka, they attacked by entering BNP’s office, arrested about five hundred leaders and activists with central leaders, and killed one. Even the general secretary of BNP was also arrested. What a mean, nasty party it is! They attacked people and then prosecuted victims.

In the name of searching of BNP’s central office, this revengeful party destroyed everything by breaking the door of the party chief’s room, plundering the account section, and doing a barbaric destructive event in every room of this office which never happened in any other regime before.

To obstruct the Dhaka gathering of BNP, they not only set searching posts and vigilance of police but also kept ready their activists with a stick to obeying the illegal order of illegal government head. However, this evil hypocritical party said they would not obstruct BNP’s gathering. But when BNP did the gathering, they increased harassment over them by doing litigation and imprisonment. Even they did not give them bail in these false cases by violating their human rights. In fact, this corrupt, evil party is walking on an indecent sinful path by losing the ability to face the opponent politically.

This ruling party said,” we could develop the country since people elected us by voting again and again.” What bluffing! What is the value of their development where their coming to power is illegal? And the mega-projects they are implementing in the name of development are unplanned. Moreover, these are extremely inefficient compared to nearby countries and are sources of their looting festival. As a result, people’s cost of living is increasing, and they pant for breath.

This party also said, “our party wants to stay in power by people’s judgment. And BNP wants to hijack this judgment.” In fact, they want the public’s judgment by staying in power through thieving, and BNP wants to stop their thieving. And this turns judgment hijacking to them.

The head of the ruling party said to their gathering, “promise by rising hand whether you will give a vote to us in the upcoming election.” What shameless party propaganda by misusing government power! And they say, “we will play an impartial role during election time.” What a joke!

This party said, “we do not need forgery for coming power. People give a vote to us spontaneously.” Then why are they so afraid of elections under a neutral caretaker government? In fact, their activists and supporters complete vote casting instead of people.

They also said, “BNP is the human rights violating party.” However, they did free-style killings and kidnappings in the name of opposition oppression and killed democracy by pressing the throat. Where there is no democracy, then there are no human rights.

The head of the ruling party says, “where was my human right when I could not see the bodies of my parents.” This was the reaction to their leader’s action. The killing of their leader was the consequence of violating the human rights of people by unjustly killing them with the so-called Rakkhi Bahini, a Bangladeshi para-military force, which their leader formed to torture opposition. Thus, their leader planted this consequence.

This ruling party also said, “Ziaur Rahman started kidnapping and killing in this country.” However, their leader was the pioneer of these misdeeds. What Ziaur Rahman did was maintain the chain of command of the army. And the current leader of their party killed senior citizens by hanging through a Kangaroo court in the name of a so-called war criminal, did the carnage of the Hefazat-e-Islam and BDR massacre occurred only for greed to make permanent her power like their leader. Then where did their humanity exist?

This party said, “BNP is busy preserving the human rights of killers.” However, this revengeful murderous avaricious party legalized killing people unjustly, which cannot continue in civil society.

They said, “caretaker government will not come back to this country. The election will be held like other countries of the world. Our party will not interfere in the election.” However, this party killed people with gunpowder during their 173 days strike in the demand of the caretaker government. Now, why does this become unacceptable to them? Is it for their thieving path will be closed? In fact, a fair election is impossible under the party’s government in this country. There is no need to look abroad for this. This country has burning examples of this. This is the only suitable method of election here. However, the election under their party is like leasing a hen to the fox who makes the night to day.

They also said, “the upcoming election will not be like the 1914 and 1918 years’ elections.” That means they admitted that there were no elections under them. They completely closed the election’s part by canceling the caretaker system. Which party comes to power by vote thieving, they have no right to rule the country.

Bangladesh’s Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) said, “fair election is impossible without government help.” However, this is a vain dream to expect from the party’s government in our country. The only solution is to cast a vote under a neutral caretaker government. In fact, in which country, police, and election officials cast a vote by losing their professionalism, a fair election is not possible there anyhow. What was seen in the Gaibandha by-election where although the Election Commission (EC) decided to punishment against 134 executives for irregularity allegations, the main behind-the-scenes actors were out of reach. Thus, it is apparent from this fact that EC’s power is so limited under the party’s government.

This ruling party said, “BNP complains to foreigners.” They also said, “foreigners poke their nose into this country’s matter which lowers our self-respect.” However, diplomats see with their own eyes what happens in this country. There is no need to complain to them. However, they will make misdeeds, and if those are revealed, it hurts their self-respect. What a hypocritical party!

This party said, “USA criticizes our election. However, there is forgery with elections in the USA too. People are also killed there in elections. However, the USA says such big talks. We had great pain in 1971 and 1975. Still, we want friendship with them.” In other words, they admit that there is a forgery in the election under them. And the USA should accept this since, in their opinion, this forgery happens in the USA too. Moreover, this stupid party is harassing diplomats to disturb their activities.

This party also said, “who talks about corruption and human rights, however, now they are busy protecting human rights of the convicted killer of our leader by giving shelter to them. There is no benefit to banning over us; we can also give banning.” However, this vaunting mean party shamelessly appointed lobbyists in the USA by spending thousands of crore taka to suppress the kidnappings and killings of opposition leaders and activists. But by failing to swallow their false words to the USA’s government, this rash party finds fault in the USA’s election.

Moreover, when this fraudulent traitor party begged mercy from one of their neighboring countries to lasting their power, where did their self-respect stay? What an immoral rubbish party! In fact, there is no legitimacy of this ruling party in the international field, which is clear by the recent statement of a Japanese diplomat: “police cast votes at night in this country which is never heard anywhere in the world.” And the tour of their party’s head to that country was canceled. They saw the red card in this country as well as abroad.

This ruling party said, “Khaleda Zia, former prime minister of Bangladesh, stays in the home by the generosity of our party’s head.” Then whose generosity sent her to jail? By imprisoning her in prison, now generosity is showing. The corrupted murderers go abroad by getting bail. However, by violating Khaleda Zia’s human rights, she is not given bail. On the other hand, their party’s head is accused of corruption and graft cases. Even she is accused of people killing by beating them with a scull. She swallowed all their cases by coming into power and punished Khaleda Zia with a false case. What a double standard that is only possible in this country!

This looter party removed all money abroad by looting, and now they live from hand to mouth with reserve money. By taking unnecessary and unplanned projects in the name of mega-project, they not only diminish reserve funds but also involve this country in loan burden. Moreover, Rooppur nuclear power plant and Satellite-1 are going to be dangerous white elephants.

They are now world champions in removing money. The number of very rich people is increasing very rapidly in this country for their boundless lootings. Thousands of core taka vanished from the share market. They have a business of crores of taka in casinos. However, only farmers do not get the price of their paddy.

Now thousands of crores of takas were withdrawn from banks in the name of loans by conspiring with banks’ top executives appointed by political consideration. As a result, in the last 14 years, the total amount of defaulting loans has increased about six times. They are destroying the whole banking sector. And the entire powerholder family gained noticeable money and wealth in the country and abroad. Such extensive corruption did not happen in any other regimes before. Moreover, loan defaulters of 25 thousand takas are going to jail, but the loan defaulters of 25 thousand crore takas are sleeping cozily. What a dishonest corrupted party it is!

In fact, for their voracious corruption and lootings, the echo of disaster is now heard in this country, like their leader’s regime.

Bare-faced Earthworm Ruling Party

13 November 2022

The ruling party of Bangladesh said – “We do not believe in obstructing the gathering of BNP, the main opposition of Bangladesh, rather we want BNP to do their gathering.” However, this deceitful party closed all transports to the BNP’s gathering in the name of a strike of the bus-owner union. And it was said as a cause that the bus-owner union called this strike for closing three-wheeler on the main road. However, why did they call this strike only at the place and time of BNP’s gathering, and why the strike was ended when the gathering was over?

Due to raising these questions, they said to cover up their fake cause that the bus-owner union called this strike because of afraid of breaking their transport by BNP. But why does the BNP break vehicle? It was not a strike of the BNP; it was a gathering of people where a smooth transport system was required for the BNP. And this evil party closed that transport. Moreover, they closed not only bus but also three-wheeler, microbus, launch even speedboat and ferryboat in the name of the strike. And there was no explanation for these strikes by transport owners.

This ruling party was so scared of the BNP’s gathering that they isolated the gathering place of the BNP from the whole country. However, they are saying that they never obstruct the BNP’s gatherings. What a nasty liar!

The main characteristic of this ruling party is that they think people are so foolish. So, they want to feed on these cock and bull talk to people. However, even infants at the breast can understand the bluffing of this bluffer party. They are so earthworm party that they obstruct opposition gathering in such a bare-faced way. They do the opposite of what they say. They took people's trust to zero level by such lying.

If they do such mean-minded behavior and tell lies surrounding the BNP’s gathering, there is a difference between heaven and hell regarding what they say to people and what they do to conduct country and election. They are a professional liar. Public suffering does not matter to this ruling party; the main thing to them is power greed.

They say – “We will play in December. BNP will listen to the sea roar this month.” Then why only December? What about other months? Is there an ebb in other months? In fact, they have no public base. All of these are their public showing boasting.

As a matter of fact, when people flooded in a gathering of BNP by crossing hundreds of hurdles there, this ruling party was gathering people by entertaining with government support. What a double standard of this nasty party.

This ruling party boasted about the inauguration of the Padma bridge. They said that lakhs of people would gather at this function. And they built toilets overnight by spending a lot of money. However, only about 50 thousand people came there. And many of them came just for fun and to take selfies. This stupid party arrested one person on a terrorist charge for taking selfies by opening the bridge nuts. And for this, they said – “This person loosened the nuts and bolts with a wrench and then took a selfie.” However, later on, it was known from the construction workers that they could not tighten all the nuts and bolts of a part of the railing before the inauguration. What an imprudent party! Then how do they guide the country to the correct path?

This ruling party said – “BNP did fire-terror which violated human rights.” But what did they do in the name of movement? They are champions of fire-terror. They did a bonfire in the name of the caretaker government establishing movement. Then people could not walk on the road. There was fire and burnt transport everywhere. They used not only petrol but also gunpowder to fire. Now by suppressing their destructive deeds, they state the human-right words. What crocodile tears! And even they do fire-terror in themself if they have a different opinion from the rest.

They say – “Upcoming election will be held according to the constitution. There is no scope to go outside of the constitution.” Then why did they do movement for a caretaker government and cancel it by staying in power? Then the constitution was not an obstacle for these. This immoral traitor party changes the constitution at their will for their power avarice, not for the public interest. Therefore, no fair election is possible anyhow under this fraudulent party which was again proved even in the Gaibandha byelection. And this self-confessed thief repeated the same words: "People of this country have trust in us. So, they elected us by the vote in the last three elections and will give a vote this time too.” What bare-faced lying! If people have so much trust in them, why are they so scared of elections under a neutral caretaker government? What a cowardly impostor party!

The head of the ruling party says – “If BNP does too much, Khaleda Zia (former prime minister of Bangladesh) will be sent to jail again.” It is apparent from this deceitful party head’s words that law, court, judgment, and punishment are all false. Here the master’s will be the law. However, will this reduce the mass movement of people? This is another proof of her meanness.

This fraud party is going beyond the limit by looting people’s fundamental constitutional rights by creating obstacles in the BNP's gatherings. And when BNP gathers people through so many obstacles, it is too much.

Moreover, their pretense is caught by the transport owner and labor unions’ leaders’ words these are – “The police and local ruling party’s leaders are forcibly stopping the transport around the BNP rally.” They also said – “The government and administration are creating this strike by pressure. It is not the owners and workers but the government that is involved.” What tricks and deceptions.

Now, this ruling party only says – “We will play against vote thieving, forgery, corruption, and looting.” In fact, the opposition will play these games against them, or will they play these games against themself? There will be no benefit in saying, – “Game will be played.” since they have no morals to play.

The Voice of World Champion Liar Abroad

20 October 2022

The head of the ruling party of Bangladesh said abroad – “Fair elections were held only in their regime. The ruling party never came into power by vote-thieving. People will give vote independently this time too”. If anyone said about their vote thieving at night in the last election, they said – “we develop the country whether we are legal or illegal.” But people did not accept this theory. So now they say the above lying words nakedly. What a big corrupter! What a shameless liar!

How will this party eliminate voracious corruption from the country where the head of their party is a shameless thief? There is no value in her talk to her subordinate. It is only a laughing matter.

This ruling party also says – “Our party does not violate human rights, does not do kidnapping and killing rather preserves human rights. And USA is encouraging the terrorists of Bangladesh by banning RAB (Rapid Action Battalion). Then are they dissatisfied for suppressing terror?” What bizarre words! Their misdeeds of violating human rights in the name of suppressing terror are world known today. And there is no ending sorrow of this revengeful human rights violating party; why do USA and Canada give shelter to their leader’s killers?

This comedian, the ruling party, delivered a speech about international peace and security in United Nations. They give peace formula in the world forum when there is no democracy in their country. What a fun party!

This ruling party said – “Come on the main road, we will face you, then it will be seen that people are on which side. If the activists of our party come on the field, BNP, the main opposition, will not find not only the main road but also the alley”. However, when BNP came to the main road, they said – “Is the main road BNP’s father’s property?” Then this terrorist party started to attack and fire in the procession and gathering of the BNP.

Even when the Chatra Dal, the student wing of the BNP, went to meet the Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University, this ruling party’s student wing, Chhatra League, attacked nakedly on them. Chhatra League cannot tolerate any adverse opinion, such as – the attack in the protesting gathering of BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology) student Abrar Fahad killing. And the backboneless administration of the University did not take any action against these. Now, this ruling party is afraid of field possession, so they give activities in the place where BNP calls gathering.

They said – “BNP comes in procession with pole attached flag which is not apt”. However, it is not the area to poke their nose. Why do they have such headaches whether anyone brings a flag or not in the procession? Then do they seem the blow of the flag’s pole will fall on their shoulders? Why does this threat come to their minds if they do not have dishonest objectives? In fact, their objective is not to get tit for tat. However, every action reacts. Once, they did a procession with a scull which they called symbolic movement. However, this traitor party killed people by beating them with this scull.

This ruling party said – “BNP entails fault on police by scuffling one another in the name of the movement. They do the movement with a corpse”. What deformed words in the mouth of a killer! However, they said – “Who will do the political movement? They will not be stopped”. But after these words, police killed people by firing in a procession. So long this avaricious traitor hypocrite party broke election time promise. However, now they broke movement time words too. They have no ethics. They only have naked power avidity.

This ruling party also says – “There is no caretaker government, and the upcoming election will be held by EVM (Electronic Voting Machine)”. What an unreasonable demand! They want to go into the election by keeping to open the path of thieving. However, they said their party did so many good deeds, making this country a role model for developing nations. And BNP did all the misdeeds. Then why are they so afraid of election under a neutral caretaker government to get people’s mandate? As a matter of fact, this cowardly party has no waist power to give an impartial election that is clear to the nation.

This party said – “If BNP had a public trust, they did not give supplication to foreigners”. But these words will be – “if this ruling party had the public trust, then they do not hold the election time government shamelessly for vote thieving”. And there is no need for BNP to report foreigners since their misdeeds are world-known today. They also say – “There is no need for foreigners to poke their nose in Bangladesh’s democracy. They should look the face of their countries’ democracy in their countries’ mirror”. However, can they stop the world’s conscience by saying such lame words?

The leading cause of building a wall of distrust between these two major parties is the power greed of the current ruling party to stay in power permanently. For this, they made democracy lame by canceling the caretaker government system by staying in power. However, which was helpful in practicing democracy and power transfer in our country. It is impossible to hold a fair election under the party system in this country. However, they are trying to make their power permanent by holding this dishonest path.

It is not understandable how EC (Election Commission) wants to use EVM in the upcoming national election with superficial knowledge. If they cannot comprehend the native clarification, they can inquire about those developed countries where EVMs were applied then, what problems they faced, and why did they ban EVMs? In fact, these EVMs can easily tamper with.

India is using debatable EVM in elections to manage their large voters in the big country properly. They are taking various steps to bring trust in people, such as – before using EVM, they ensure whether EVM is programmed or not by checking it, and they make mandatory to use Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trial (VVPAT) machine with EVM such that voters can be ensured that they can cast a vote to their intended candidate. However, the opposition to it is not reduced yet.

Besides this, it is impossible to stop voting forgery in EVM without a close monitoring system in voting centers. However, how can EC effectively monitor a vast amount of polling booths in national elections with CCTV cameras? Above all, election officials were involved in vote thieving. So, then a fair election is not possible anyhow. This EC is in great difficulty managing only one byelection. Then how can they handle the full 300 seats of the national election? In fact, this EC cannot break the vicious cycle of the election process and is walking in another failed election path under this party system like their predecessors.

This ruling party says – “For killing the independence, a country opposing anti-force killed our leader”. However, their party and freedom fighters were involved in the killing of their leader, not the so-called independence opposing party. Among the 12 convicted persons of this killing, 7 of them were brave freedom fighters which was the reaction to extreme torture in those days’ government. Their leader’s ruling was so terrible and imprudent that it caused displeasure inside and outside his party. The country was filled with corruption, nepotism, and injustice, which pushed the country's people into famine. As a result, people turned away their faces from him. He became such a hateful person that no one person was found to bury him and his family after their death which was raised by their party head’s words that are - “Our party was such a big organization, and there were so many leaders and activists; however, no person was found to protest after our leader’s death”.

They also say – “Our country will be equal to South Korea or Malaysia long ago if our leader was not killed”. However, there was no future for this country under his regime. They intentionally suppress the history of this country from 1971 to 1975.

This ruling party says – “If Ziaur Rahman did not involve in their leader’s killing then why did killing after government appoint him as army chief?” However, the Commander in chief of freedom fighting M. A. G. Osmani was the defense advisor of that government. Then did he involve in this killing? Moreover, the maximum number of cabinet members of their leader joined the cabinet of that government after his killing.

In fact, then the situation of this country went to such a stage that this power change was inevitable and desirable to people. Therefore, a public leader like Mozlum Jananeta Maulana Bhashani also welcomed this change. And the after events of this killing were the reaction of that time. Then Ziaur Rahman was essential to stabilize the country. The hard labor of this honest, firm good ruler made this country fruitful from their leader’s bottomless basket. And for Ziaur Rahman, this ruling party got new birth, and now they can do politics in an independent country. However, this evil ungrateful party calumniates to his name. In substance, they are opposing independent Bangladesh.

They also say – “Ziaur Rahman killed freedom fighter soldiers and officers”. What crocodile tears! However, that was done to maintain the chain of command in the military. On the other hand, their leader conducted destructive events through Rakkhi Bahini (Bangladeshi paramilitary force). Besides this, now this avaricious murderous party unjustly killed the followers of Hefazat-e-Islam at dark night; they also did cold-blooded murder of so-called war criminals in Kangaroo trial by breaking their leader’s words and BDR (paramilitary force of Bangladesh) massacre occurred under this party, all of these happened only for long-lasting their power.

Now, this ruling party reached such political poorness that they are forming a commission to intentionally identify imaginary behind-the-scenes persons who were involved in their leader’s killing. By failing to face their opponent politically, they create dressed-up drama for joking with the nation. However, if a genuine investigation is done, the name of their party’s leaders will be raised.

The recent electricity disaster in the national grid shows how fragile their bragging developments are. However, they said that they sent electricity load-shedding in the museum. However, the electricity is now not only coming and going but also load-shedding continuously, making the whole country motionless. This is the result of their unplanned deeds and rampant corruption. And now this false talking party is busy finding out when such an event occurred during the BNP regime rather than finding their faults. In fact, it is a country with a stupid queen and her equally stupid ministers!

Illegal Ruling Party does not Believe in Power Transfer by Fair Election

6 September 2022

The power is so important to this illegal ruling party that they cannot accept power transfer in elections. Therefore, they obstruct the way of fair elections by doing various anti-techniques. But how do they deny that a fair election is people's fundamental right? And how long can they bluff people?

The only way to have a fair election in this country is to give an election under a neutral caretaker government. However, this ruling party says the coming national election will be held on time according to the constitution. The matter of caretaker government is a solved issue in the high court. There is no scope to discuss this. However, the movement of the caretaker government, when they were in opposition, and the cancellation of it, when they are in power, are the deeds of this avaricious opportunist ruling party. Then how were these matters solved?

This party came as an intruder by merely bluffing people with the largest thieving in living memory at the last two elections. Now they desire to repeat the same thieving in the coming national election.

Their leader established a one-party regime called BaKSAL, Bangladesh Krishak Sramik Awami League, because he could not think of giving up the power. Now similarly, this ruling party cannot think of an election without thieving to hold their power. In fact, this coward party has no courage to give a fair election. Autocracy and one party's rule are their characters.

They also said they stayed in power in the last two elections but did not propagate for their candidate. Why do they propagate? Their intention was not to want the vote. They stayed in power for vote-thieving. The head of the ruling party said that BNP, the main opposition, cast a vote illegally in the daytime, not at night, which means they confessed that they cast a vote at night by thieving. What a shameless thief!

The Election Commission (EC) of Bangladesh said – In the coming national election, the vote will be cast by Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) in a maximum of 150 seats. They also said – the commission is trustful in EVM and took this decision not according to one party's opinion. Then what was the necessity of the public showing dialog with political parties where the majority parties opposed the EVM? And how did they establish trust in EVM where there is no trust in EVM in the world? It is considered a forgery machine.

Hacking is easy if EVM is connected to the internet or any other network. Moreover, the chip of EVM's control unit can tamper. Besides this, there is a scope of vote cheating with EVM, which is easy and smooth than ballot paper voting. Here, the evil opponent can take the scope of the inexperience of novice voters. They will first press the button of EVM for their candidate in the name of helping novice voter, and then they will ask that voter to cast a vote for their candidate. However, only the first pressed button will be counted as a vote.

Moreover, there is no Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) machine to ensure which vote will be counted. If the vote is cast forcefully by an evil opponent in ballot paper voting, it will be visible to the voter, and they can protest it. But in the case of EVM, voters cannot perceive that their votes were thieved.

This ruling party referred to India using EVM. The use of EVM is not smooth there though they made mandatory the use of VVPAT with EVM. India is trying to apply EVM in voting since their country is big and its voters are enormous. Moreover, the communication system of India is not advanced in all places. Therefore, the ballot paper voting system is time-consuming and challenging to manage properly. So, they are trying to use EVM though they do not trust it completely.

On the other hand, developed countries' communication systems are advanced, and for the difficulty of applying EVM, many developed countries do not use this nontrusted EVM. And there is no need to use EVM in a small country like Bangladesh. This EVM will only promote forgery.

Above all, by using EVM, immediate results are expected. However, in some centers of the last city corporation election, there was an abnormally long delay in getting results which made the whole EVM system questionable. Now, buying unnecessary EVM at a huge cost during their cost-saving period is simply a lousy technique for voting forgery.

This ruling party said that those who do not want a neutral fraudulent free election are afraid of EVM. What a joke! Who corrupts the election? The thief now wants to be a guard. They thieved at night in the last ballot paper voting election. Now they want to hold fraudulent nontrusted technique called EVM in the coming national election for bluffing people.

The Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) said – there will be no election like in 2018. We can spread supremacy over the government. There is no compromise with anyone. However, after the end of the day, they showed the same genuflected attitude.

The CEC also admitted their helplessness - the election can be questionable if the election-time government does not help them. Moreover, a fair election is impossible if the political leaders do not have the mentality to accept defeat which is fancy to expect from current power holders.

This ruling party was doing kidnappings, extrajudicial killings and imprisoning without obstacle. However, when the USA banned Bangladesh's Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), they were slightly alerted. But there is no change in the character of this deceitful opportunist ruling party. They continue attacking and killing in the opposition's procession.

The United Nations (UN) human rights high commissioner expressed deep concern to this country's government for not progressing in investigating kidnappings and extrajudicial killings. And this ruling party said that the UN's human rights commission should pay attention to Palestine, Myanmar etc., where humanity falls to the ground, not this country. And when BNP demanded independent investigation under UN about these kidnapping and extrajudicial killing events. Then this ruling party said – there is no right of the UN to investigate kidnappings and killings in an independent country. However, the UN was formed to stop clashes among countries and elevate human rights worldwide. This ruling party does kidnappings and killings unjustly, and then if the world conscience comes to talk about it, they show plea that it is an independent country. What a lame excuse!

They also said – USA and Canada give shelter to those who killed their leader. However, now these countries teach us humanity. The killers cannot live even by hiding in a mousehole. What a vindictive mean-minded impostor party it is! Even the nearby countries of this country have such liberality that this party has not a bit. In fact, this party is a pioneer of revenge, kidnapping, killing, corruption, grouping and looting. Now this evil party wants to stay in power by thieving.

This shameless backboneless impotent traitor ruling party begged mercy to their big neighbor for staying in a power that is their only resort. And their cat of this came out from their bag by their one minister's words. In this case, this ruling party's reaction is that the minister's words were not of their party since he is not anyone. Then did their cabinet form by taking opposition members? How was he elected Member of Parliament (MP) from their party? They also say – India is our genuine friend. However, we did not request India to stay in power. Our power source is people. We came into power by people's vote, not anyone's mercy. What a bluffer! Moreover, they did not take any step against that minister, which proves they had consent to this.

They are so isolated from people that their ministers also started to talk about it; such as another minister said – we endure in power for police. Why is this parasite party so eager to shamelessly grab election-time government if people are their strengths?

This ruling party said – BNP is doing agitation because they know they cannot come into power by election. What a voice of a thief! What election will this thief party give? It is impossible to rescue democracy without abolishing this thief party from power.

BNP always wants to come in the election, but it should be free and neutral. The characteristics of this traitorous party are to give false promises and spread false propaganda. If they do not really want to interfere in the election, they should show this by implementing it in work. That is – to give an election under a neutral caretaker government. Their past says there is no value in their words.

Here, the philosophy of these two parties is obvious. The philosophy of BNP is a neutral election with no scope of vote thieving of any party. And the philosophy of the ruling party is to stay in power by deceiving people.

This impostor thief party is ensuring their fall by not accepting the caretaker government. They cannot remain in their power by following the same illegal way.

Helpless Election Commission

12 July 2022

The Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) of Bangladesh said тАУ there is no election by obedient to the government. But in their first test, Comilla City Corporation Election, they surrendered helplessly. However, they came to raise a hue and cry and show the uncompromising image of conducting free and fair elections. However, that broke down like a house of cards only for not enabling to expel local Member of Parliament (MP) from the voting place. Ultimately, the MP didn't leave the place; moreover, he filed a lawsuit for violating his basic right. And for this, Election Commission (EC) was utterly depressed and did not even apply their power for remedy; rather, by singing another tune, they said тАУ we could not command that MP according to law. Therefore, we only requested him to leave the place, and he didn't do any law-breaking tasks. Then what was the need to request him to leave the place? What a hopeless!

The CEC also said - political parties are responsible for conducting a neutral election. Because EC can't inspect all voting centers on the spot except 2 or 3 centers, however, they are empowered to conduct free and fair elections. In fact, they admitted that they have no capability and competence to protect voters from unwanted interference from the election-time ruling party.

This helpless EC broke down in a trivial City Corporation Election. Then what will they do in the national election? The ruling party will only use them as a ladder to go into power.

The apprehension of manipulation with Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) becomes true. When the independent candidate advanced by the clear difference in all voting center results except four centers and the independent candidate was said to be a winner in all voting center results which were collected unofficially from polling officers and the jubilation of his followers was shown. Then the returning officer suddenly stopped to publish the results. And ultimately, the ruling party candidate was declared a winner after four hours of election closing though the immediate results were expected. The ruling party candidate won in these rest four centers by unbelievable votes. Moreover, the EVM has no Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) to recount the votes. In fact, for the complications of applying EVMs, these are already abandoned by many developed countries.

This illegal way winner candidate sacrificed his win to the queen thief of their party for the proper cause, which is her unique misdeed. And for this reason, they don't want to step down from power during election time. Moreover, this ruling party says they want EVM voting in all 300 seats to stop voting forgery. What fun! Who does the voting forgery? In fact, they should say тАУ we want EVM voting for forgery. In the last election, they did a daytime vote at night by thieving; now, this hoodwinking party wants to use near obsolete, slow and easy to fraudulent EVM to achieve their evil intention.

This ruling party said тАУ BNP, the main opposition, leaves the election field. So, the election field is open. Is the ruling party responsible for that? It is apparent from their words that election is like occupying the land. Which party can occupy more voting centers that party will get more votes? Here is no reflection of public opinion. So, if there is no vigilance of opposition in the voting center, they will thieve, which is legal. They are not responsible for that. This is the opposition's liability since they give the opportunity to the ruling party for vote thieving. What a shameless thief! Then where is the role of EC? Such nasty thieving is not seen in developed countries and even India. They are far away from the institutional democratic structure. In fact, the fair election will be free, pressure-less and completely independent where it does not depend on whether the opposition gives vigilance to the voting centers.

They said тАУ BNP has no leader. People give a vote to whom. Then it will be a headache for BNP, and this ruling party will be pleased about that. In fact, whatever they say, the reality is the opposite of that. They are now BNP specialists to cover up their misdeeds.

They also said тАУ which party doesn't come up from grass-roots, what is expected from them? Then if BNP is a publicly isolated party, why this coward party doesn't give an election under a neutral caretaker government, and why do they want to bring BNP in their forgery election? However, they say we believe in public power. What hypocrisy!

This shameless party displayed the Padma bridge so highly. But the building of roads and bridges are a continuous process. These were done in every past regime. These are routine works. Besides this, the Padma bridge is not any surprising structure, and it is not even countable among the 20 largest bridges in the world. If there is any credit, it goes to the constructing firm, not the ruling party, since the credit is only available to the ruling party if they can build it efficiently. However, the ruling party completely failed in that.

They built this project's budget into gigantic figures by revising it repeatedly. However, the bridge in China, comparable to the Padma bridge, was built in a quick time with one-third the cost of the Padma bridge. Because of this increased cost, World Bank withdrew its name from this project. Then by failing to manage World Bank, they propagandized that Prof. Yunus, a Bangladeshi entrepreneur, was an actor for banning financing of World Bank. However, World Bank decides to grant a loan by considering the eligibility of the loan taker, not with anyone's advice. At last, by squandering public money, they implemented this bridge in the name of self-financing.

Now this ruling party says тАУ we built this bridge by own capability not begging to anyone and this is the revenge to insult of World Bank. Then why did they go for begging to World Bank at first? When World Bank rejected them, they chose this inefficient self-funding. Moreover, this imbecile party adds a single-line railroad to the Padma bridge. But if the railroad is built in double line, people will be certain for 100 years. As a result, there will be a need to construct another Padma bridge in future.

They built the Padma bridge by deceiving people with record-breaking costs and did festivals when it is an example of inefficiency, corruption, unfitness and protraction. General people will give charge for their money wastage by purchasing products at high prices.

Besides this, this imbecile party did massive harm to the country in the name of the project, such as the environment destroying Rampal coal electricity project with India, which not only threatens the UNESCO World Heritage mangrove forest, Sundarbans but also creates unemployment and refugee about 7500 families moreover, per unit electricity will be purchased in more than double price. And by wasting Tk 30 thousand crores in the name of Payra seaport, they say here no deep seaport is possible. And the public showing Bangabandhu-1 satellite earned so less than expected. How will they recover its cost?

Above all, this backbone-less impotent ruling party completely failed to make a water-sharing contract of identical rivers with India, which causes an unrecoverable loss for this country each year. However, even the little island country, Maldives, has such self-respect that they have not a little bit.

As a whole, if they want public trust, they must free the defilement of democracy at first by giving elections under a neutral caretaker government; otherwise, nobody can protect them from falling.


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Main Crime of Ruling Party

11 June 2022

The ruling party of Bangladesh said тАУ we improved the condition of the general people. But why do oppositions want to remove us? What is our crime? Is their objective to deprive poor people of development?

There is a flaw at this ruling party's very inception. Their prime crime is to kill democracy. The people do not elect them. This deceitful avaricious black sheep ruling party came into power by enormous vote thieving. Their work has no validity though they talk about their so-called development. All of their development works are for fulfilling their pocket.

They also said тАУ we always came into power by voting, not illegal way. We have been in power for three terms since people gave the vote to us. What a fallacy of this thief ruling party! Their history is filled with the nastiest thieving. If this is not an illegal way, the definition of it should be changed. Such a joke is only possible in this country.

If BNP, the main opposition, talks about an election under a neutral caretaker government, this ruling party says BNP is talking about destructive politics and is doing negative politics. In fact, they are at a loss what to do under a neutral caretaker government election. So, they don't want to accept it. If they did so many public welfare, they show the public by giving up the power during election time and doing election under a neutral caretaker government by straightening their backbone without doing poppy-cock like a thief. Then it will reduce the lack of trust of people in them.

This ruling party said тАУ we want all parties' participation election, and BNP will come in this election like the last election. However, BNP can't come into the election under them since it will be worse than leasing a hen to the fox. And the background of the current time is entirely different from last time. In the last pre-election dialogue, which promises this ruling party gave to BNP, they did completely opposite of their words in the election. So, trusting again in this promise-breaker traitor party is merely self-destructive.

They also said тАУ all power will be given to Election Commission during election time. Then why are they so eager to grab power shamelessly during election time? Actually, they intend to gratify their dishonest objective by staying in power. Therefore, no election will be fair if they don't give up the power. And it is impossible to protect voters from the ruling party's unwanted interference by any Election Commission.

When BNP wants the ruling party's step down from power during election time, they say it is a capricious demand. Then do they take the life-long settlement to govern this country? One of their party members went one step forward by saying this ruling party would stay in power till 2040. Then what is the need for election for them? They can cancel this drama since they can remain in power as long as they wish. In fact, public opinion does not matter to them only factor they are concerned about is whether the illegal way is open or not in the election for them.

By doing day time vote at night by thieving in the last election now, this ruling party focuses on a new lousy technique called Electronic Voting Machine (EVM), which is already obsolete in big developed countries due to unfaithfulness. Now some flatterer technologists say there is no problem with EVM. But in reality, EVMs are not safe. They are vulnerable to hacking. It is not correct to say they are safe without checking the software. Since EVMs can be pre-programmed to favor a particular candidate. Thus, it is possible to overturn the results by manipulating software. In the previous election, there was a very delay in getting results from some voting centers where EVMs were used though immediate results were expected.

Moreover, a big opportunity will be created for the ruling party to cast a vote in their favor by deceiving or forcing majority novice voters. Above all, why is it suddenly necessary to replace the ballot voting system with an expensive, near-obsolete EVM where the ballot voting system is used in most countries of the world? It is merely an intrigue to implement the ruling party's misdeeds.

They said тАУ we don't do opposition oppression and torturing politics. But Chhatra League, the ruling party's student wing, attacked the procession of Jatiotabadi Chatro Dol, the student wing of the opposition, without any incitement in Dhaka University. And Chhatra League said Chatro Dol entered university with external people, and then general students expelled them. What a shameless liar! If they were general students, why were there staff and even firearms in their hands and gave 'Joy Bangla' slogan, the political slogan of the ruling party? Every word of this impostor party is the opposite of their deeds.

This ruling party is a black sheep of this country and their child Chhatra League. So, it is no surprise that this ruling party instigates the wrongdoers of the Chhatra League by entailing fault on the opposition without rectifying them. Moreover, they cannot tolerate any opposition opinion, such as which is seen in the killing of BUET, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, student Abrar Fahad. But the convicted Chhatra League members of this killing can also demand punishment of their leaders since their leaders gave fuel to conduct such an act.


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How intolerant the ruling party is that they attacked BNP leaders even when they went to exchange Eid greetings with people. Moreover, in some places, police forcedly took the mike of the gathering and broke the stage. They cannot tolerate any trivial activity of opposition. And they say they will act impartially during election time. What a bluffing!

This impostor ruling party also says that they want strong opposition. But they have no ending sorrow; that is why BNP was born? Since if the BNP didn't exist, the path of their power would be smooth.

This ruling party said that at last, we built the Padma bridge. But what cost? They revised the budget again and again to implement this. Thus, they created a mega-budget for mega-looting. And it is the most inefficient mega-project compared to neighboring countries. Will this highly expensive mega-project, built with public money, be fruitful, cost-saving, and durable for people, or will it be a bone in the neck like Sri Lanka? There is no good news about unplanned built flyovers, which cannot play any effective role in removing the traffic jam. The exact words apply to Metro Rail. The main aim of all of their mega-projects is to gain cheap popularity by deceiving people and filling their pockets by thieving but not real public welfare. These same things are reflected in the proposed budget of this unaccountable illegal party. They increased the size of the budget for bluffing people. In fact, it will increase looting and encourage looters. Now they become enthusiastic about the Padma bridge festival when this shameless failing ruling party fails to control the boundless increasing price of daily bread. They are only increasing public suffering, not general comfort.

The ruling party said тАУ BNP threatened to kill our leader. However, who started this? Every action reacts. Their party's imbecile revengeful head said тАУ it is a teaching to Khaleda Zia, former Prime Minister, that is by taking her on the Padma bridge then throw her to Padma River by pushing. Since Khaleda Zia said, the Padma bridge was built by patchwork. What slang! But this ruling party said тАУ we never talk in indecent language. Then what it is! These words actually come from the mind of the head of the ruling party, who secretly cherishes this desire in mind. However, she expressed it publicly since she could not keep it in her stomach.

Besides this, the head of the ruling party also said тАУ prof Yunus, a Bangladeshi entrepreneur, should be sunk in the Padma River since he forbade the world bank to finance in Padma bridge. What an indecent word! Does the world bank decide on one person's opinion? In fact, they consider the eligibility and acceptability of loan takers before granting any loan.

The ruling party says - there is no place in our party who gets involved in drugs, terror, and extortion. However, this rotten party does the opposite of what they say. It is their tradition. They also say - we will expel contaminated blood from our party. If the contaminated blood is expelled, their whole body will be bloodless. Since their party is built based on corrupters like Samrat, ex-youth ruling party leader, Haji Salim, ruling party leader, and dishonest traitors like PK Halder, embezzler, OC Pradip Kumar Das, ex-police personnel. Only a part of their corrupted party members is caught, but only when their misdeeds are revealed in public. So, there is a lack of discipline in their party. They are looting according to their own way and quarreling with one another. They lack loyalty to their immoral top leaders and don't care about their warnings.

Bangladesh has demoted ten steps in the independence index of International News Medium only for this opposition oppression ruling party, and they say it is a malicious report. Why does the international organization give adverse reports against any country without reason?

Bangladesh's position in corruption ranking is now below 140, and BNP is not ruling. Then where is their zero-tolerance policy against corruption? In fact, they hollow the whole country with corruption.

This ruling party says тАУ we keep convicted Khaleda Zia at home by showing generosity. However, they imprisoned Khaleda Zia by very funny false litigation. Now they are doing such drama without giving her complete freedom. They bit her by being a snake and now pretending to heal her by being a witch doctor. What hypocrisy! Moreover, they block her urgent advanced treatment abroad. If anything happens to her, this illegal revengeful impostor ruling party cannot hold their power.

They said тАУ Ziaur Rahman, the former president, started to pollute politics by introducing multiparty democracy. What a false remark! Ziaur Rahman gave freedom of speech. On the other hand, they sent democracy to the grave. This party, once destroyed, got new life by the mercy of Ziaur Rahman. They can now do politics in the independent country only for the Ziaur Rahman; otherwise, this imbecile avaricious traitor party completely destroys this country's independent reality by making it a submissive country.

This ruling party is keeping proof by their activities that the fair election and any meaningful deeds are impossible under their regime. They wanted freedom of the country only for their party's people, not for general people.


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тЪб ржЗржВрж░рзЗржЬрж┐рж░ ржжржХрзНрж╖рждрж╛ рж╕ржмрж╕ржоржпрж╝ ржЖржкржирж╛ржХрзЗ ржЦрзБрж▓рзЗ ржжрж┐ржмрзЗ рж╕ржорзНржнрж╛ржмржирж╛рж░ рж╢ржд ржжрзБрзЯрж╛рж░ред рждрж╛ржЗ ржЖржЬржЗ рж╢рзБрж░рзБ ржХрж░рзБржи ржЗржВрж░рзЗржЬрж┐рждрзЗ ржжржХрзНрж╖ рж╣ржУрзЯрж╛рж░ рж╕рзНржорж╛рж░рзНржЯ ржпрж╛рждрзНрж░рж╛ тАЬ рж╕ржмрж╛рж░ ржЬржирзНржп ржнрзЛржХрж╛ржмрзБрж▓рж╛рж░рж┐ тАЭ ржХрзЛрж░рзНрж╕рзЗрж░ рж╕рж╛ржерзЗ рж▓рж┐ржВржХ - Click Here

Desire of Vote Thieving Ruling Party

27 April 2022

The ruling party of Bangladesh said that here election would be held according to the constitution like in other developed countries. What a bluffing! The background of this country is entirely different from developed countries. Here no structure of establishment is built like in developed countries. Moreover, it is observed from the past elections that no fair election was held under the party's regime. What happened then was just mockery, not an election. By doing such mockery, this deceitful bluffer ruling party completely destroyed the voting culture of the people.

Now not only the opposition but also the ruling party's followers are restrained from voting. Since they know it is not a matter of who gives what the voting results are generally predetermined, the ruling party's members will be elected. And to explain this voting apathy culture, this utterly stupid ruling party states a formula: there is apathy with the election in western countries. About 25 percent organizations of USA don't hold the election. Our country is also becoming like that. What a funny explanation!

In fact, people are becoming voting apathetic for their voting forgery. And these misdeeds are internationally known, such as the report of USA said тАУ there were indiscipline and corruption in 2018's election in Bangladesh. The ruling party forcefully filled ballot boxes. And they created an obstacle to come opposition voters in the voting center. On the other hand, ample people participated enthusiastically in the elections under the neutral caretaker government.

This ruling party also said that this country is well known as a humane country globally. The RAB, Rapid Action Battalion of Bangladesh Police, is working to protect human rights, not for violation. However, the law enforcement force of this country killed one thousand people in just three years. This ruling party proceeded against 35 laces leaders and activists of the opposition, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). And the law enforcement force also kidnapped more than 600 opposition leaders and activists, which is also reflected in the human rights report of the USA тАУ the protection force of Bangladesh violated human rights. Here the killing, kidnapping and oppression of opposition are continuing. And the RAB is given freedom of liability from killing and abduction. The ruling party's reaction to this report is that the number of killings and kidnappings the USA mentioned is incorrect. Here no killing and kidnapping occurred. Moreover, no action is taken against any force in the USA though a complaint comes against it. What an explanation!

Besides this, they completely unjustly block the advanced treatment of Khaleda Zia, former Prime Minister of Bangladesh, abroad. In this case, USA's human rights report says that Khaleda Zia's punishment is a political conspiracy.

The head of the ruling party said тАУ I'm not only Prime Minister but also the daughter of the leader, the first president of Bangladesh. If necessary, I will give my life like the father to change the destiny of this country's people. However, in reality, what she should say is I will give my life to change the destiny of myself, not of people. Still, I will not give up the power. She also said тАУ my responsibility is to ensure the fundamental rights of every people. But who gave her this responsibility? Is this monarchy? They think this country is their father's property. However, the suffering of the liberation war went over the general people. And their father sank by getting too big for his boots.

This ruling party said тАУ there is no strong opposition in the country. Among the oppositions, there are two oppositions born in the cantonment, and they have no relation to people. What a shameless liar!

By casting daytime votes at night and not giving any scope to the opposition, they monopolistic-ally occupied the votes by thieving, and now they said such bizarre words. By completely going against public opinion, they exist merely by thieving. And if the BNP, the main opposition, is not their strong opposition, why are they so afraid of election under a neutral caretaker government? And why are they trying to bring BNP in their forgery election? In reality, no endeavor is needed. BNP will automatically come in the election if they step down from power during election time. Besides this, why are they so burnt in every word of BNP? Dishonest behavior is their tradition.

The grouping of this ruling party went into such an extreme position that the police also started to talk for them. How the hell country it is where state force starts sycophancy by losing their professionalism. So, is it believable that a fair election will be possible under their regime? A mad man does not even believe that.

This imbecile ruling party fails to control the rising price of daily bread. They entail this liability over opposition so funnily to cover up their stupidity. They said тАУ BNP leaders encourage dishonest business people and hoarders to increase the price by syndicating. So, the cost of the product is rising. Then why does this party grab power like a stupid? Whenever any problem comes, it reveals how fragile the party it is! They cannot control simple product prices. They cannot break a business syndicate and have no control over their party. They only entail their failing liability funnily over the opposition. Such a stupid party has no right to stay in power. Moreover, this shameless imbecile party arranged a foreign concert by spending crores of taka when starveling people were wandering in the street.

This ruling party claims that тАУ the anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) of Bangladesh works impartially. However, when BNP submitted the names of the corrupted ruling party's members to ACC, the ruling party said тАУ it was a drama. In their words, it is not appropriate to speak about corruption by corrupter which means if they do corruption, it will be acceptable since the opposition did it before. Then what is the function of ACC? Do their only job accuse the opposition and give freedom from corruption liability to the ruling party. For example, when BNP complained against the ruling party's members for corruption to ACC, they didn't take any action against them. On the other hand, the litigation of ACC against Zubaida Rahman, daughter-in-law of Khaleda Zia, was activated intentionally. So, it is apparent to all that this ACC is only an obedient servant of the ruling party.

The ruling party said тАУ that BNP doesn't celebrate Mujibnagar Day. However, Ziaur Rahman, former president of Bangladesh, was an employee with a 400-taka salary under that government. There is a doubt whether Ziaur Rahman fought or acted as a spy for Pakistan.

The habit of this narrow-minded party is to try to be big by doing mean behavior toward others. Which nation doesn't know how to honor its hero? No hero is born in that nation. They are so mean-minded that they cannot show proper respect who deserves it. Ziaur Rahman was a true hero, so even the enemy also paid due respect to him. And they show impudence by suspecting him as a spy. Did "Bir Uttom" title of honor come from the air? They are Bengali but not human beings.

The head of the ruling party said тАУ I don't conduct country by reading a newspaper. This is the reality. I conduct the country according to what comes to my mind. But is not it the escape from reality? Then will the cat come out of the bag? Like imbecile party like imbecile remark.

The way this ruling party is grabbing power against public opinion by thieving and continuously denying it, then no place will remain for them to take shelter. If they are not rectified in time, their consequence will be pathetic. Since being publicly rejected, how do they conduct the country? Furthermore, they have no control over their party.


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Election Time Government

29 March 2022

The ruling party of Bangladesh said тАУ the election-time government will be formed under the leadership of the head of their party, and the election will be held according to the constitution. What a shameless intention of this democracy killer party to achieve their dishonest objectives. They want to do election by taking unfair advantage. Moreover, they cannot think of an election without thieving. For this, they want to win in the election by vote thieving and try to make it possible by staying in power at election time by ignoring public demand.

They said тАУ people will elect them in the coming election since they did so many developments. Then why are they so afraid of election under a neutral caretaker government? When BNP, the main opposition, says about caretaker government, they say BNP is doing conspiracy for getting power which means where there is no scope of vote thieving that will be a conspiracy to them. What hypocrisy!

In the last election, when BNP announced that they would give vigilance to the voting center during the voting time, the ruling party was so afraid that they thought they could not do vote thieving smoothly in the daytime, so they did it at night.

What impartiality means to the ruling party is an open secret. There is zero transparency in their every work. They even didn't reveal the so trivial search committee's recommendation list for election commission formation. So, what will they do in election time is clear as daylight?

BNP saw both cases by going and not going in the election under this ruling party, and the results were awful; they did from thieving to monstrous thieving. So how will people expect a fair and impartial election under their regime? If they have any respect for democracy, they don't hold the election-time government in such a shameless way.

This ruling party said тАУ who doesn't give 'Joy Bangla' slogan that person doesn't believe in freedom fighting consciousness. In fact, the freedom fighting consciousness means to them is irrational inexhaustible love for their big neighbor. However, they are insulted by this neighbor in every step, such as this country breaks promises, doesn't give proper protocol when they visit their country, doesn't invite them to their republic festival. But this shameless impotent party invites them on their victory day. Moreover, only this traitorous party has the history and tradition of giving the country's interest to their tricky neighbor.

On the other hand, the true consciousness of freedom fighting is to protest against all kinds of injustice and oppression and not accomplice with any adverse side. Friends and enemies are not permanent. They are changed with time. Moreover, the prime objective of independence was to ensure the voting rights of the people.

The ruling party said тАУ the 7th March speech of their leader, the first president of Bangladesh, was far-seeing. However, it was only a reaction of that time. Their leader was caught between two stools. His lack of prudence was evidently seen during his regime. He couldn't ensure his security even by building more than one force.

They also said тАУ their leader sacrificed his life for this country. But he was killed by their hand. It happened since the protector became an eater.

The prices of water, gas and electricity are increasing as well as the costs of daily bread which increase the public suffering severely. Now this extremely impostor vote thieving party tortures people with food. Once, their leader's party and followers created a syndicate for looting the country's wealth, leading the people to starve. Now the same scene is coming here. Like father like daughter.

They said the prices of products increased globally due to the Ukraine-Russia war. However, the war was begun in the recent past, and the costs of daily bread were increased long before that war.

They said тАУ the per capita income of the country is increased. However, the poor became poorer, and the difference between rich and poor is rising under this party's regime. Moreover, the purchasing power of people is not increased. If people cannot survive, what will they do with this joking development?

Besides this, there are plundering in all of their developments. Even the model mosques are cracked before finishing, same as what happened to shelter project for the poor. This impostor party makes the country hollow through extensive looting. They said тАУ they would implement the ideal of their leader. Is it the ideal of a bottomless basket?

They said тАУ BNP killed people by burning in agitation. So how do they expect people's vote? Then what did they do in the name of agitation? They killed people not only with petrol but also with gun powder. It is their tradition.

They said тАУ United Nations reported that Bangladesh improved seven steps in the happiness index, which is a slap in the face of adverse propaganda of BNP. In fact, the poor people of this country are satisfied with little. Their expectations are also low. So, they are not unhappy though they are poor. Here, there is no role of government. On the other hand, the demotion in the corruption index reflects their evil character. Besides these, they also said that they do not care about these foreign reports. Then why do they highlight the happiness index publicly? What a self-contradiction!

They said тАУ they showed generosity by giving the scope to Khaleda Zia, former Prime Minister of Bangladesh, to stay free. However, they imprisoned her by so funny litigation conspiratorially, and now they stated such joking words though they did not give her complete freedom. What an impostor party!

After the USA banned RAB (Rapid Action Battalion of Bangladesh Police), this ruling party stopped kidnapping and killings for a few days. However, at first, they denied such misdeeds, and now they said that the USA sheltered Bangladesh's criminals and banned RAB without crime, which is a heinous act. In fact, there is no value in democracy and humanity to them. Their intentions and inclinations are not good. There is no trust in this scope seeking murderous impostor ruling party. Dog's tail is never straight.

This illegal ruling party is burning proof of what happens if the public isolation party stays in power. They never accept fair, neutral elections. Moreover, they create obstacles against elections with no scope for thieving. By merely bluffing in the last two elections, now they are seeking the same misdeeds again to stay in power.

Eye-washing Election Commission

18 February 2022

The ruling party of Bangladesh said the election commission construction law would be a milestone to ensure people's voting rights. This is a partial truth. This will be тАУ the election commission construction law will be a milestone to ensure their power, not for people. This world-shameless party praises themself since they find no one else. What a bizarre party!

Here, there is a big fault in a search committee formation which is the main factor in constructing an election commission. Does this formation of a search committee reflect public opinion? Does this represent the ruling party and opposition equally? The answer is no. Therefore, the search committee members are directly or indirectly involved with the ruling party's politics as usual. This formation of the election commission aims to bring this ruling party again in power like their preceding election commissioner (Nurul Huda), who is from head to foot an uncultured person. So, there is no value to send the name of election commission members to the search committee. By doing this eye-washing drama, they may appoint one or two different minded persons. However, this will not bring any benefit to the election. What could one Mahbub Talukdar, election commission member, do?

There are lots of fun with the president, a symbolic chief of this country. For example, that was the president's dialogue with political parties for election commission formation. Where he has no power to do anything without the advice of the head of the ruling party. Even the ruling party prepares the speech of the president to deliver in the national parliament. The president once said to the opposition when meeting with them that you, political parties, did not give any power to the president. Before he was elected president, he pretended to be slightly neutral, but now he gives up this.

What happens to dialogue with this ruling party was nakedly shown in the last election. Their avidity is vote thieving and, at the same time, gives legalization to their thieving. For this, they did an eye-washing dialogue with the opposition, which results were adverse and more awful than before. They broke all promises given in the dialogue and did from thieving to monstrous thieving in the election. So, no more dialogue with this traitor ruling party. One does not commit the same mistake twice.

There is a need for a law to form an election commission. But they did it so quickly only for smoothing their thieving in the election. However, three or four months ago, they said тАУ there was no time to make law for election commission formation. What a hypocritical party! This law only gives a legal framework of the previous matter, and it is not complete.

Moreover, there is a big lack of transparency in this law, such as there is no rule to express the name of members who the search committee recommends. Above all, the talk of the ruling party's head is final here. Because she will finally select from the list given by the search committee, and then the helpless president will only endorse it. Thus, ultimately the will of the head of the ruling party will reflect in the selection by making fruitless all of these nontransparent eye-washing steps. And here, no new development is added by this law. So, strong election commission formation is impossible under this law.

Above all, the impartial election is impossible only by constructing a strong election commission unless the election-time government is neutral. Whatever strong election commission is constructed; can they do an impartial election? Do they have such a power and ability to protect from the unwanted interference of the ruling party? It is simply impossible without an impartial caretaker government.

The ruling party stays in power illegally by record-breaking misdeeds in the last two elections. Now again, in the same way, they try to stay in power. What a world-shameless party it is! Everything changes with time. But there is no change in this avaricious party.

Moreover, this unaccountable ruling party increases public suffering by increasing the price of the public's daily bread autocratically. They only want to go by entailing all faults on the opposition.

They said тАУ why do people vote to such a party, main opposition, with no leader, where the party chief is convicted, and the acting chief is fugitive? How do they expect votes from people? Then it is them to be pleased for such situation. But they don't. Because they occurred these events conspiratorially by staying in power illegally, they should be convicted for their misdeeds.

They even said тАУ BNP, main opposition, doesn't understand the language of people. So, BNP is afraid of elections. Then they understand the people's language. So, they thieve in the election. What a hell party!

At first, the father, first president of Bangladesh, suppressed people's voices and killed them with rice, and now the daughter, the current head of the ruling party, is killing people by vote.

Whatever drama this ruling party does, people have zero trust in them. Any fair election is impossible under their regime.

Lobbying and Khaleda Zia's Health

7 February 2022

The ruling party of Bangladesh said тАУ BNP, main opposition, complained against the country by writing a letter abroad. In fact, in the last election, this ruling party cast day time vote at night by thieving and tried to bluff the people by making incoherent excuses involving opposition. Then it was necessary to expose the real fact openly. There was no need to appoint lobbyists. These misdeeds are now universally known.

On the other hand, in the last two elections, where one was voter less, and another was vote thieving at night, this ruling party tried to validate their misdeeds universally. Thus, this self-confessed lobbyist appointed party also used the president to accept them abroad.

In fact, this ruling party does not represent the country in the world. They stay in power illegally. There is not such a vote thieving party in the world. The democracy is in danger under their regime.

To reveal the letter of BNP in public after so many days is really a funny matter. Can they legalize their misdeeds in this way? Why are they so troubled if BNP provided false information? Is the world so fool to take the decision on false fact?

In reality, the ruling party could not cover up their misdeeds even they tried hard. Now they are engaged with lobbyist issues rather than rectifying their misdeeds. What a bluffer party! It is not a matter of who says what the truth is revealed anyway.

They also said BNP did bad politics with Khaleda ZiaтАЩs, former Prime Minister of Bangladesh, health, which her recovery proves. However, she is not well at all. Her essential treatment cannot be started since it is impossible without going abroad. She remains at the same risk as before. She was taken from hospital to home by considering her health risk due to Coronavirus.

They said тАУ BNP defied the countryтАЩs treatment system, and has no trust in local physicians. Then why do they run abroad even for any trivial treatment? Then where is their trust in the local treatment system?

This ruling party also stated тАУ If anything happens to Khaleda Zia, BNP will be responsible since she is taking treatment under their supervision. Then why does this ruling party block her urgent advanced treatment abroad? What hypocrisy!

This ruling party's human rights violating, vote thieving and opposition oppressing are universally known. Thus, by killing the democracy, where will this immoral avaricious party take this country?


27 January 2022

The ruling party of Bangladesh said - the USA's banning against RAB, Rapid Action Battalion of Bangladesh Police, and their top-executives was one-sided, unacceptable and politically motivated. Here, no killing occurred without justice. If so, then why are they so troubled? Thieves are always scared.

According to the ruling party's speech, six lac people are missing, and thousands of people are killed by police every year in the USA. In comparison, much fewer killings and missing have occurred here. The USA can't keep its democracy on the right track. So, how do they prescribe democracy to others? It is the ruling party's nature to start hatred if anyone detects their misdeeds. So now they find fault in America's democracy.

They also stated тАУ USA and Canada don't hand over the killer of their leader, the first president of Bangladesh, to them. But now, the USA prescribes the words of democracy and legal ruling to them. In reality, the world's conscience is not such inhumane to respond to this revengeful narrow-minded party's call.

Besides this, twelve international human rights organizations gave a letter to United Nations (UN)s for not keeping RAB members in the UN's peacekeeping force. And the ruling party's response was тАУ these organizations exist merely in name and have no credibility. So, there is no importance of their words and even the words of Human Rights Watch too. Because Human Rights Watch tried to protect the so-called war criminals of Bangladesh from hanging, ultimately, this ruling party hanged them by ignoring all calls from the world leaders and organizations, which was simply a cold-blooded murder only for the intention of reinforcing their power.

The ruling party also said that RAB's good deeds are not shown, which means there is also a black chapter of RAB, revealed by their statement.

Now not only the RAB issue but the voices are also rising worldwide to take action against the ruling party for destroying the democratic environment by violating human rights, thieving vote, and oppressing oppositions. So not only RAB but also those who are responsible for conducting such actions should be banned.

This ruling party said we are appointing lobbyists in the USA to elevate the banning against RAB. Then where are their vaunting against the USA now? All their things are hollow. In their words, since lobbying is done everywhere, we also do it here. But how much do people pay for their intention?

Moreover, to flow this in a different direction, they blamed BNP, main opposition, as usual for appointing lobbyists for adverse propaganda against them after so many days. In this way, they try to hide their misdeeds superficially. They said тАУ we appoint lobbyists to improve the country's image, and BNP tries to decrease its image. What an immoral bluffing! They do this to legalize their nasty misdeeds. They even said тАУ we will cancel the passport of them who are talking against us abroad. What a poor democracy! They have started to spread their dirty hand abroad too.

The ruling party killed democracy, violated human rights, and looted the country's wealth by thieving and robbing. Now they are talking these rubbish words only to hush up their misdeeds. However, how do they stop the world's conscience by doing such acts?